Calling in my points

Glenn (name changed to protect the innocent) from my main 9-5 is in a community play version of This Life. Martin’s in a community play version of anything every freaking month. He stresses, he freaks, he makes everyone at the office go and cheer on these horrible productions by guilt and manipulation. He’s a gay jewish single 47 year old, he’s good at it.

This time he’s playing the main character. He’s an invalid in bed. The whole play is him not moving in a bed. Kill me now.

I can’t go. I would honestly kill myself or gauge something out. I rather have four endoscopies in a row rather than see this production. He’s a nice guy but I already have to sit for an hour week and listen to him stress about his three non-relationship relationships EACH WEEK. Every week it’s the same. It’s like being forced to watch the same episode of the Brady Bunch where Greg keeps wearing the Tiki and bad stuff happens to him in Hawaii and he doesn’t catch on. He’s not sure if this guy is his boyfriend or just a guy he is dating, He’s not sure if the guy he’s sleeping with is the one because he splatters water when washing out his toothbrush. I hear it all, every detail, every same story, every freaking week.

I think this therefore exempts me from going to see him in a bed just talking. I see that at work. I pay attention to him at work. This should be a time to let others experience his voice. However, unfortunately life doesn’t seem to work this way. My inability to appear mean and disinterested means an obligation to go and be interested, more so than anyone else. That’s what the laws of etiquette and courtesy state.

I however am bucking the trend. I’m not going. Antisocial me is calling in all the points I get for being his sounding board on his love life. That buys me a free pass. I’m breaking convention. I’m staying home.


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